Bilderbuch. By Theresia Enzensberger

By Theresia Enzensberger
With an introduction by Chus Martínez 112 pages; German Version; 1. Edition
ISBN 978-3-910265-127

Bilderbuch is a book of twenty-four images interpreted by Theresia Enzensberger. Images that broke news, made headlines–sometimes even replaced them–and went around the globe. In her texts, Theresia Enzensberger reflects on them and places them in an art-historical context: Which iconographic tradition can the ship stuck in the Suez Canal be situated in? What does the grotesquely gigantic table say about its owner, Russian President Vladimir Putin? What forces are at play when a picture of Pope Francis in a down jacket goes viral?

In a world of deep fakes and viral images, the author invites readers to look calmly and closely. It is, after all, interpretation that drives current affairs.

The texts are based on the column "Iconoclash", which were published in Monopol Magazine from 2018 to 2021.