Cerebro Frito. Eine Chronik der Schande. By Lukas Kubina

Cerebro Frito. Eine Chronik der Schande
By Lukas Kubina
Novel, 144 pages, paperback
First edition (German)
ISBN: 978-3-00-059360-4
With illustrations by Martin Fengel and Alexander Fthenakis

This novel has everything it takes for the German Book Prize 
at the Frankfurt Book Fair: the South, sex, the refugee crisis. Cerebro Frito is about alcohol. Bicycles. The Isar river. Decadence. Seasonal carelessness. A Vietnamese fish ritual. Zeitgeist in a can. Against the background of the endless summer of 2015, in which a circle of Munich residents stumbled towards the climax of hedonism, while the refugee crisis and the return of the ugly German are already appearing on the horizon, the first-person narrator meanders through his city for two days, a rocky animal on a volcanic rock. He competes with the doping history of the Tour de France, is disturbed by a peeping tom and finally falls asleep in a backyard on Isabellastrasse. An absurd story on 144 pages, driven by heat, longing for sensations and boredom.