Martin Fengel Special Edition Cerebro Frito. Eine Chronik der Schande by Lukas Kubina
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Special edition Cerebro Frito! 
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Individual envelope design by the artist Martin Fengel! 
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Cerebro Frito. Eine Chronik der Schande
By Lukas Kubina
Novel, 144 pages, paperback
Limited Special Edition (German)
Cover design with illustrations and stickers by Martin Fengel

This novel has everything it takes for the German Book Prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair: the South, sex, the refugee crisis. Cerebro Frito is about alcohol. Bicycles. The Isar river. Decadence. Seasonal carelessness. A Vietnamese fish ritual. Zeitgeist in a can. Against the background of the endless summer of 2015, in which a circle of Munich residents stumbled towards the climax of hedonism, while the refugee crisis and the return of the ugly German are already appearing on the hoirzon, the first-person narrator meanders through his city for two days, a rocky animal on a volcanic rock. He competes with the doping history of the Tour de France, is disturbed by a peeping tom and finally falls asleep in a backyard on Isabellastrasse. An absurd story on 144 pages, driven by heat, longing for sensations and boredom.