This Special Report are reissued texts that were first published in the last Village Voice edition of Munich’s Superpaper (07/2018). Different times: No pandemic in sight, Putin was a popular motif for topless calendars, and war — despite Crimea and Donbas — felt far away. On the contrary, it seemed as if an unexpected energy was about to break through in Kyiv. After Euromaidan and the fighting of 2014/15, Kyiv was suddenly a vibrant metropolis and place of freedom for a new generation, not only in Ukraine but for the whole post-Soviet space. At that time, Martin Fengel, Christian Gottwalt, Jonas König and Lukas Kubina set out to take a close look at Kyiv - Munich’s sister city. Today, these “old news” demonstrate how normal and cool things had just been there. And are in brutal contrast to what is taking place right now: A horrific war of aggression against our liberal values. In Europe. This Special Report is full of melancholy. And yet: Go Fuck Yourself, Putin. And Go Fuck Yourself Russian Warship.

Sorry Report, Kyiv, 4th Issue
© Sorry Services, March 2022

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