Nachts. Clubkultur in München. Exhibition catalogue for Münchner Stadtmuseum.
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Clubkultur in München
Ursula Eymold & Christoph Gürich (ed.)
Softcover / 2. Edition (German)

356 pages
ISBN 978-3-9820440-7-1

„Nachts. Clubkultur in München“ takes you on a foray through Munich nightlife and sheds light on club culture as an important part and social catalyst of the city. It covers a multi-faceted reality, from iconic nightspots to legendary nights and musicians; moving from spectacular extravaganzas into the pallid light of dawn; from the revelers themselves to an entire industry dependent upon them. It also probes the significance of nightlife and club culture for the city’s urban development and shines a light on the clubs’ uncertain future, now even more precarious since the COVID19 pandemic.

The catalog is published on the occasion of the exhibition "Here Comes The Night. Club Culture in Munich" at the Münchner Stadtmuseum (July 24, 2021 to January 8, 2023).