Outdoor Sculpture Material #1 A Flipbook in collaboration with Flaka Haliti and SHRN

Outdoor Sculpture Material #1
1. Edition
Flaka Haliti x SHRN x Sorry Press
ISBN 978-3-910265-066

“Why are they tossing shoes on my sculpture?” Flaka Haliti

When skateboarders appeared on the plaza of I See A Face. Do You See A Face. Outdoor Sculpture #1—and in return Flaka Haliti’s sculpture surfaced in their online footage—two worlds collided and infiltrated one another. Two worlds that are enjoying each other very much and manifest in this collaboration that explores public art from a different kind of street-level perspective. 

A two-fold essay by Flaka Haliti preludes the flipbook starring four lines by SHRN team members Tim Griffel, Stefan Lehnert, Fiona Wessely, Manu Wolff—and the sculpture is always on centre court. 

Outdoor Sculpture Material #1 is the epicentre of a larger criss-cross-collaboration including a limited skateboard editions with art works by Flaka Haliti, and a SHRN exclusive video clip. Drop it like it's soo hot right now.