Stadt, Land, Kneipe. A novel by Giuliano Bonelli

Stadt, Land, Kneipe
By Giuliano Bonelli
Novel, 192 pages, paperback
Second edition (German)
ISBN: 978-3-9820440-6-4
First Edition Publishing Date: 16.10.2021

Stadt, Land, Kneipe (German for ~ Urban, Rural, Saloon) is a mischievous roman à tiroirs that starts in Berlin and ends in a Bavarian village. There and in between, the protagonist hovers in a saloon state-of-mind, a condition that permeates the urban landscape and the countryside. There and elsewhere, he is killing time - which has a different measure in a student's life - with cigarettes and beer. While doing so, he decides this and concludes that. His quest for identity does not find a coherent story and serves no reliable morality, the metropolis and the village are appraised without any cynicism, and the urban kaleidoscope finally shatters on the misty shapes of rural home. SLK comes with an illustrated intermezzo in which Giuliano Bonelli is plastering @hellerblitz memes.

The bottom-line: SLK is gender-insensitive, punchy, blatantly stereotype and corona-free! Sorry and bottoms up.